Chia? Up! – The fertiliser with which you can make cracker ;-)

From the beginning – as we have founded the company up-Umweltpionier GmbH in the year 2010 – it was obvious to us that we have developed something very special with our fertilisers. Latest from the point in time that the up lawn fertiliser was classified as foodstuff, the question came up: “How do we tell our customers that the fertiliser is so healthy that you can, in fact, even eat it?”

Based on the joyful necessity of finding an unambiguous answer to this question, there are already creative partnerships with regional bakeries since a few years so far. Bakery Strauss and Troad Bakery Thurner based in Schwertberg have crystallised themselves as genuine partners and they are our closest ally when it comes to subject of bringing “the fertiliser that you can eat” to the woman, the man, the children and the pets.

Jointly, bakery products were developed time and again, which contain our fertilisers as a constituent in order to provide the verification in a simple manner that fertilising is not necessarily harmful to health or, for that matter, must be toxic.

One of the last products of the Thurner bakery was developed in several trials by the chef personally – Reinhard Thurner – in the course of intensive night shifts, and was a sales hit not only in his bakery without our “foodstuff” but also everywhere, where we offer the “special edition” for tasting in the meantime: The Chia Cracker!

The up special edition “Chia up Cracker” is being taken at our trade fair appearances “like hot cakes” and is giving tough competition to our fertiliser products ;-)
We have visited Reinhard Thurner in his bakery and learnt much about this fantastic product – the Chia Cracker.

The Chia Cracker is a natural product with fantastic ingredients such as e.g. sunflower seeds, Chia seeds, flax seeds, olive oil, sea salt, … and is very healthy!!

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