So that your dog does not get into trouble

If synthetic fertilisers are used in the garden and on the lawn, the likelihood that your dog becomes sick is very high. Synthetic fertilisers contain salts and chemical components that are toxic to forms of life. Mere contact with the sensitive paws of the dog may lead to painful inflammations.

Healthy for animals – only without animal constituents!

Even organic fertilisers that contain animal constituents are harmful to the health if human beings and animals as numerous instances in the past have established. This is why the Austrian Fertiliser Act foresees labelling requirements for fertilisers. Somewhat like: “Keep it out of the reach of children and pets.”

Wow! No labelling requirement whatsoever for the Umweltpionier natural fertiliser!

Every fertiliser in Austria is obliged to bear at least one such safety label. Every fertiliser? No! A creative company from Upper Austria has managed to develop a fertiliser that has been classified as foodstuff in the expanded sense of the term. The reason being that the Umweltpionier natural fertilisers are not only actually genuine naturally, but also exclude animal constituents completely.
According to the verdict of the Austrian Federal Agency for Health and Food Safety, the Umweltpionier natural fertilisers are suitable as foodstuffs, free from harmful substances and genetic engineering.
And hence, they do not bear any safety instructions.

100% natural. 100% healthy. 100% animal-loving.

This fact is not only relevant for dogs, but also for rabbits, guinea pigs, and last, but not least, for domestic cats: This is how you fertilise without a hangover.

Umweltpionier natural fertiliser: So pure that you can feed on them!

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