Fertilising at the right point in time

A green lawn is a mono-culture in the biological sense. The frequent cut forces continuous growth performance, which demand so much from the soil and the grass. Hence, adding fertiliser regularly is indispensable for a healthy lawn.

Fertilising – for a natural regeneration of the lawn
It is recommended to support the soil by adding fertiliser regularly. The best is to use a sustainably effective organic fertiliser. For uniform supply to the lawn, it is recommended to add fertiliser in spring and autumn respectively.

Fertilising in the rhythm of Nature
Fertilise the lawn in such a manner that Nature does the same – beginning with a very late addition in autumn.
As soon as the resting phase of the lawn sets in identifiably and the temperatures drop continuously below a range of about 10 degree Celsius, it is time!

The soil below the grass now needs reinforcement in order to be able to withstand the winter.
 The nutrients added can be incorporated optimally and they support the soil activity during the winter.

The approaching spring begins only if the possibly frozen soil has thawed again completely and has been activated. Constantly warm temperatures and identifiable growth of the grass indicate a condition of absorption.
 The well nourished soil now has the force to supply the lawn well in the first few months of the year.
 Thus, planned fertilisation in spring should not be necessary before April/May.

The ubiquitous subject of “Scarifying” should then not be a matter for the lawn-friendly, if you water the lawn well, nourish it well and mow it high enough.

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