Fertilise correctly – how is that done?

How do I apply the fertiliser?

On the subject of “how do I apply the fertiliser correctly?” there is much to be said, which is what we would like to do here with all the clarity.

Based on the special composition of the Umweltpionier natural fertiliser, this is available in powder form. This fact is basically a great advantage, even if it has led to uncertainties in the beginning with some customers for application.

Fertilise only with the spreading carriage

IMPORTANT: Always apply Umweltpionier lawn fertiliser with a suitable fertiliser spreading carriage on the lawn. A spreading carriage is primarily suitable even if the material to be spread is prevented from trickling down when the carriage is stationary. Not all fertiliser carriages have this feature but it is an absolute MUST!

If the fertiliser material trickles through even if the carriage is stationary, then the consequence is that a heap is formed. This can be distributed as well as possible subsequently, but it is very likely that a very large quantity of fertiliser remains at one specific point on the lawn. The consequence: more intensive water removal from the location concerned, formation of fungus lichens on the surface of the lawn and interim drying of the turf at the relevant location.

In the process, the good information is that you can assume that after some time, the grass will sprout in virgin forest dimensions exactly there :-)

It is not advisable to apply the lawn fertiliser by hand since even a low level of wind brings a wonderfully growing lawn – which, in most cases, will not be in the original interest of the user.

Never without my fertiliser carriage…

Adjusting the fertiliser carriage

Based on the spreading carriages available of different constructions, it is not easy to give a recommendation for an application. For a specific model, however, based on extensive tests, it can be said very precisely:

Gardena Comfort 800 series:

Step g/m²
3 50
6 100
8 200

Apply fertiliser covering the full area

In order to apply the fertiliser as uniformly as possible, we recommend the application in a chess board pattern. To be specific, this means that you should apply the fertiliser horizontally one after another and then vertically. In this way, the lawn will be covered completely and supplied with nutrients.

Powder or pellets?

One factor, why Umweltpionier natural fertilisers are in powder form for a good reason is that additional chemical binders needed to added to the base material. In our opinion, this is neither expedient nor desirable.

However, the powder form is associated with several advantages! Since the fertiliser is fine-grained, when it is applied it falls also actually up to the top soil and from there it can also no longer be blown away. In contrast to pellets, which can be consumed by animals, the entire quantity remains in the soil and hence, can be used completely.

This is how it is done!


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