Company History

A brief company history with a long tradition

The company, up-Umweltpionier GmbH was founded on 23rd February 2010.

The core activity according to the business licence is: “Generation of products made from organic and mineral raw materials”. At first glance, there is nothing that lets you conclude that the business activity is of a pioneering nature. At the second, deeper glance, however, this is very much so since there is a long history behind the company, on the one hand, of extraction and refinement of valuable soils as well as a knowledge base about the findings of organic, biological cultivation, established over a period of several years before the company was founded.

Valuable soils – the parent company

The parent company “KAMIG” was already founded in the year 1922 and promotes caolin, quartz sand and clay since more than 90 years from a primary deposit in Kriechbaum in Lower Mühlviertel.

Valuable knowledge on valuable soils – organic biological cultivation

“Organic biological” agriculture was established in the 30’s and 40’s of the previous century by Maria Müller and her husband, the Swiss agricultural politician, Dr. Hans Müller. With the help of biological management, the production costs should get reduced, the yields should get enhanced in terms of quality, health should be served and permanent soil fertility should be ensured. The doctor, bacteriologist and soil scientist lecturer, Dr. Hans Peter Rusch, underscored the work of Maria and Hans Müller with his research on soil fertility and biological soil analysis methods. He was the scientific consultant and the intellectual creator of organic biological cultivation methods.

Soil and humus as organisms form a unit based on a characteristic order principle that we human beings should not disturb or manipulate without being penalised.
Erhard Hennig (German Graduate in Agriculture, technical journalist and author)

“We do not inherit the land from our parents, we borrow it from our children”
Old Indian Wisdom

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