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Strengthen your soil – just as nature does so on its own. The natural way.

Umweltpionier has been pursuing a new, sustainable path of organic mineral soil fertilisation since years: Gentle, organic and hence convincingly effective in result. And several convinced garden owners are coming on-board.

Activate the natural life of the soil

Currently, as the only provider in the market, up gives you the option of fertilising your garden in a completely harmless way and activating the life of the soil.
Reinforce your lawn and help your fruit and vegetable plants by giving them vital growing force.

The products of Umweltpionier are completely free from industrially produced substances, fertiliser salts and synthetic soil chemicals.

Soil fertilisation with natural products of food grade quality

The Umweltpionier natural fertilisers – these are certified products of food grade quality for your garden: Developed and produced in Austria jointly with biologists and leading soil scientists – certified by Austria Organic Guarantee and awarded by BMLFUW, the Ministry for an Austria worth living in.

Put your trust in Umweltpionier – Your soil will love it.

In the whole of Nature there is nothing that is more important and nothing that deserves more consideration than the soil.
Friedrich Albert Fallou (German lawyer and co-founder of the scientific soil science)

“We do not inherit the land from our parents, we borrow it from our children”
Old Indian Wisdom

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valuable ingredients that our fertilisers
are composed of

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Umweltpioniere (Environmental Pioneers) are also available on youtube!
Interview with Stephan Hinterkörner!

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Fertilise with healing soil.
This innovative fertiliser is harmless.
In fact, it is so harmless, that you can
eat it!

Ideally suitable for gardens, playgrounds, camping sites and other public facilities and wherever environmental-friendly and sustainable fertiliser needs to be used.

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