Product properties

Food property
The products “Umweltpionier fruit fertiliser”, “Umweltpionier fruit & vegetable fertiliser” sowie “Umweltpionier Universal Pflanzendünger flüssig” have been analysed for suitability as foodstuff in the course of introduction to the market. All individual constituents and even the products themselves have been assessed as having food grade quality.


Organic proportion / Odour neutrality for solid fertilisers
Based on the fact that no animal constituents have been added to the product, the odour intensity and nuisance known with many organic fertilisers is absent. The product is almost odourless and can, as far as the existing odour needs to be classified, it should be evaluated under the category of foodstuffs like sour dough or the odour of maize.
The odour arising with the application on the lawn or in the plant soil volatilizes immediately after application and thus represents absolutely no nuisance.


Type of the effectiveness / soil composition with solid fertilisers
The product initiate a composting process after application and penetration into the soil after whose completion the nutrients stored are available to the plants in the long term. Based on the activation of the process of biological stabilisation (set-up and formation of a new crumb structure), the product can be evaluated as actively effective for the quality of the soil. Conventional fertilisers, in contrast to Umweltpionier natural fertilisers cause a decomposition of the crumb structure in the soil and destroy the natural properties of the soil in the long term.


Application quantity / cost development
Depending on the condition of the soil, the first application must be chosen before applying the product for the first time. In any case, the constant application of Umweltpionier lawn fertiliser yields a structural improvement in the quality of the soil. This leads to the fact that in the course of time, the quantity necessary for maintaining or further improving the soil structure reduces. This fact has a consequent impact on the costs for the fertilisation necessary.

Application safety
The properties of the product with respect to the application safety can be presented as given in the following.

  • Impact on human beings and animals
    No safety instructions whatsoever have been prescribed for the product Umweltpionier lawn fertiliser since it is completely harmless both for human beings and for animals. Based on the foodstuff properties, the fertiliser can, in fact, be eaten harmlessly.
  • The interaction between the lawn and the soil
    The type of the composition and bonding of the nutrients is such that application of the fertiliser at any season and under any external conditions is possible without any problem. Combustion of the soil is not possible and the desired effectiveness is initiated even beyond the season-related growth periods.
  • Application safety for organic cultivation

    Based on the certification of the product in accordance with the Austrian Biological Agents directives and submission of an organic inspection contract, the product can be used in organic cultivation.
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