Improving lawn quality with reducing use of fertiliser – a contradiction?
Not necessarily!

It is possible to make a healthy basis for dense lawn growing over it from apparently deficiently nourished soil. We have reported the evidence for this with the Berlesreiter family in Windhaag near Perg.

The initial situation

Isabella and Jürgen Berlesreiter have fulfilled their dream of their own house and purchased a neat bungalow construction in the year 2010 in a natural environment in the municipality area of Windhaag near Perg. The house met all requirements, loving interior design with several wonderful details made from the new acquisition of the proverbial “Cosy Home”.

Only the garden left indisputably very much to be desired. The grass growth was sparse to none at all, and its colour of what protruded from the ground was rather a yellow to brown shade. The density of the growth and intensive dark shades of green were simply not there.

A case for the lovers of Umweltpionier!

The photo, which was shown to us in April 2011 locally was rather dull and dreary, but for the opportunity of demonstrating the skills of our own product was just perfect.



After the first application of fertiliser, with the help of a spreader carriage and professional application using the “chess board pattern model” (fertilisation not only parallel but covering one another in 2 directions – so to speak, horizontally and vertically, with which complete coverage of the ground can be ensured), an unexpected picture emerged of the effect of our up lawn fertiliser on the soil and growth of grass. We had to get to the bottom of the non-uniform effect identifiable in the following.



The answer was ultimately clearly comprehensible. The house purchased was constructed only a few years prior to the purchase, and the design of the multi-stage garden was done by putting in soil purchased from outside. The composition of the material used could not be determined. The apparent condition after the first application of nutrients can be explained based on the fact that the absorption capacity of the soil as well as the apparently somewhat toxic substances contained therein was distributed unevenly. Thus, the soil could only partially convert the nutrients that the soil had received via the application of the fertiliser. This also explains spots and areas in which the effect of the fertiliser had apparently failed completely and similar irritating effects.

The conclusion and decision taken jointly: We continue to feed the soil and observe the effect!

An interim inspection in June 2011 already showed signs of success as you can identify in the photos quite easily.



Another application of fertiliser in autumn 2011 as well as continuation of fertiliser application as foreseen in the fertiliser plan, ensure that superior soil and thus, lawn quality, which is evident from the following photos.



The photos shown were takes at a time in which there is no talk of dense turf under normal circumstances – in NOVEMBER (!) 2012.

The clearly definable value addition for the Berlesreiter family lies in the fact that the application of fertiliser necessary could be reduced from 100 gm/m² at the beginning in the 2nd year of application. The quality of the soil and the active form of life therein has improved significantly within the shortest period of time. The necessity of applying extra “food” in the form an organic mineral fertiliser has halved during this period of time – as evident from the following fertiliser plan – over a period of 4 years.

This saves costs giving maximum satisfaction at the same time. To be specific, the annual cost for fertilisation of 250 m² in the year 2010 was EUR 118.00 (one fertilisation in spring and one in autumn).

Starting from the year 2014, the annual costs for the area of 250 m² could be halved to EUR 59.00.

That is fantastic and incidentally, also healthy. For Nature, animals and human beings!

The reason being: All our products are assessed as being food grade.

up: “The fertiliser that you can eat!”


“We do not inherit the land from our parents, we borrow it from our children”
Old Indian Wisdom

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